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Global Trade Operations







Suggested Structure:

While reading and attempting to review this piece of research work, you could have the opportunity to learn and discuss the role and management of global seaports from an international trade perspective as well as to establish the relationships between the theories that you will learn during lectures with current practices in the industry. In your assignment you will explore the port city of Singapore and undertake an in-depth analysis of comparative and competitive advantages. You are required to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge regarding global port cities, that mean that your analysis section should cover the following: Historical evolution Comparative and competitive advantages Operational challenges Business strategies


  • Cover page -

  • Main title – create a unique name to your paper,

  • Executive summary–

  • Analysis -

  • Results - improving the city future prospects

  • Conclusion – sum up and provide your own opinion

  • Reference list - use quality (academic) sources

Note: Do not include any charts, graphs, image or pictures anywhere in the assignment!

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